Spectrum STI Module - Overview Manual

The Spectrum-STI  Module is a computer program developed to generate country estimates of  prevalence levels and time trends for active syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. The STI Module has been developed by Avenir Health with financial support from WHO. 

The current version of Spectrum STI has been designed for use in countries with “generalized epidemics”.  
In these countries, the prevalence of a particular STI among pregnant women is usually a fairly good indicator of prevalence in the total adult population.  Spectrum STI is a statistical trend fitting model and whilst appropriate for looking at past trends, it should not be used for generating future long term projections.  

As of July 2017 Spectrum STI has been used to generate estimates in 4 countries: Colombia, Mongolia, Morocco and Zimbabwe.

This manual is divided into two parts.  The first part is an overview of the Spectrum STI Module.  The second part provides a detailed description of how to:

  • Install the Spectrum STI module
  • Run, Create and Save an STI estimation
  • Change input parameters
  • Display the results.
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